16 Latest Kurti Sleeves Designs Trending in 2020 - 2021

16 Latest Kurti Sleeves Designs Trending in 2020 - 2021

It’s not easy to look like a diva but by considering some small details you can easily have a fashionista appearance. Whether you are going to a party or casual events, you may easily tailor your designer kurti or buy kurti online with different sleeve design. The latest kurti sleeves design can instantly glam up your look and can add more style to your outfit. 

These days various kurti sleeves designs are trending that exhibit amazing sleeves styles. You may know about these sleeve designs and can save it as reference for your next shopping. Take a quick look. 

Latest Kurti Sleeves Design 2021 Trending This Season

Make your outfit more stylish and beautiful with the following kurti sleeves styles and designs. Read on to know more about the trending sleeves that you may choose while purchasing for designer kurtis or party wear kurti design. 

1. Tank Sleeves

Kurti Tank Sleeves

This type of sleeves is one of the most comfortable sleeves that are used mostly in the summer season. Tank sleeves offer no sleeves design that makes you look super glamorous and stylish. You may view this design in Tank tops, designer kurtis and party wear kurtis. If you want to look like a fashionista and flaunt your style statement in a casual way, then these tank sleeves may be the best choice you may have. 

2. Roll Up Sleeves

Kurti Roll Up Sleeves

Roll Up sleeves are very trending in designer kurti and party wear kurti designs. It’s amazing sleeve design makes you look very confident and charming. You may keep it open fully or roll it up. To hold these sleeves upwards usually a button detailing is provided. Roll up kurti sleeves design look best in casual as well as formal kurti design patterns. You may get this design tailored or buy kurti online with Roll up sleeves to wear on casual occasions. 

3. Bell Sleeves

Kurti Bell Sleeve

As the name suggests, the bell sleeves look like a bell design. It usually ends at the elbow and has flares attached to it. These types of sleeves are very common among kurti designs. Nowadays these kurti sleeves designs are used in shrugs over Kurti. If you are going for a casual dinner or party, then you may wear a designer kurti having bell sleeves to look stylish and trendy. 

4. Churidar Sleeves

Kurti Churidar Sleeves

Do you want to have a regal look in your kurti design? Try the churidar sleeves that make you look elegant and sophisticated. This latest kurti sleeve design looks amazing with Anarkali and straight long Pakistani kurtis. It is usually a long sleeve that  forms a bangle-like shape or Chudi shape at the end. You may wear designer kurtis with Churidar Sleeves at parties, casual events and in winter weddings.


5. Three Fourth Sleeves

Kurti Three Fourth Sleeves

These are the most simple and common sleeve designs that you may see in trending kurti designs. This kurti sleeve design looks great on almost every woman. Not just on traditional outfits but even on the casual kurtis for girls, these sleeves look beautiful. You may find various designs even on these three fourth sleeves. Sometimes these are just with a slip or with the button detailing to make it look stylish.

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6. Cold Shoulder Sleeves

Kurti Cold Shoulder Sleeves

The one sleeve design that created buzz is Cold Shoulder Sleeves. This kurti sleeve design with western touch looks very stylish and vibrant. With cut-out at the shoulder design, this sleeve style is very popular in kurti for girls. You may wear this sleeve kurti design at parties, festivities, casual events and weddings rituals. For cocktail parties, team up your cold shoulder party wear kurti with cigarette pants, stilettos and a beautiful pair of earrings. 

7. Open Sleeves

Kurti Open Sleeves

Open Sleeves are long straight sleeves with wider and more open sleeves fabric attached at the elbow portion. These are very comfortable and contemporary designer kurti designs. It offers a western touch in the kurti which makes it perfect for casual and formal occasions. You may find different latest kurti sleeve designs online in a wider portion of open sleeves designer kurtis. If you want to get this stylish sleeve pattern, buy kurti online from the latest Jaipur Kurti collection.

8. Multiple Cut Sleeves

Kurti Multiple Cut Sleeves

These sleeves,  as the name suggests, have multiple cuts outs on the long sleeve pattern. Mostly this kurti design is found in the designer kurti or party wear kurtis that are crafted by cotton. You may find this kurti sleeves style in different patterns. With a simple round neckline kurti, these multiple cut sleeves look stylish and perfect. 


2021 Fashion Trends : Latest Top Trending Kurti Sleeves Designs For Women

Be one step ahead with upcoming fashion trends for 2021. Straight from the fashion runway, know what’s new in the kurti sleeves designs according to the fashion trend forecast 2020/2021. Read on to know about the latest kurti sleeves design that will blaze the latest fashion trends in India in 2021.   

9. Ruffled Sleeves

Kurti Ruffled Sleeves

Ruffled Sleeves look best on formal and casual kurtis. This elegant kurti design features frills or ruffles formed by gathering and then attaching fabric on one edge of Kurtis. Opt for the classic kurti sleeves design for your party wear Anrakali kurtis and A-line long kurtis and give your outfit a traditional yet contemporary look. You may find a wide variety of ruffled sleeve kurtis for girls online that you may wear at parties or Pujas or social gatherings. 

10. Bishop Sleeves

Kurti Bishop Sleeves

Bishop Sleeves is the new trend this season. This bollywood favourite kurti sleeve design comprises a cuff around the wrist along with a flowy appearance to the rest of the arm. Evolved from the western culture, this latest sleeve design is now incorporated in various designer and party wear kurtis. Try this unique, fun and stylish sleeve design if you want something refreshing and new kurti style.


11. Off- Shoulder Sleeves

Off Shoulder Sleeves

Not just on western outfits, Off-shoulder sleeves design looks best even on women Kurtis. This modern design for kurti is bare at shoulders and often comprises long sleeves design that reaches to the wrist. You may try off-shoulder sleeves designs for dresses, Anarkali kurti, A-line kurtis or any flared kurti design. 


12. Slit Sleeves

Slit Sleeves Design

Slit sleeves are one of the most stylish and modern sleeves designs for kurti that are trending this season. This type of sleeve design has slit in the middle and joins at three fourth or full cuffed length.  If you love minimalist designs, go for this latest sleeve design that eliminates the need of any hand accessories. This is more a cotton kurti sleeve design that is used often in long salwar kameez or long cotton kurtis for women.


13. Multi Layered Frills Full Sleeves

MultiLayered Frills Full Sleeves Design

Give your traditional wear kurti a twist of modern sleeves design! Go for Multilayered frills full sleeves design that gives any regular woman's kurti an extremely stylish appearance. If you want to buy a casual chic look kurti for girls, then choose any pastel or lace style multilayered frill full sleeve kurti design. Bring up your energetic vibes with this stylish sleeve design for designer kurtis!

14. Cape Sleeves Design

Cape Sleeves Design

Cape Sleeves is quite in a buzz this season. It is one of the most unique and stylish sleeves designed for kurtis that you can pull up at any event. Whether it’s your wedding or your best friend’s wedding functions, wear the cape style kurti sleeves design and rock the look. Team up your Cape style long kurta with beautiful heels, long earrings and stylish clutch to look ultra gorgeous. 


15. Puff Sleeves

Puff Sleeves Design

Popular sleeve design from 80s, Puff sleeves is again in trend. This latest sleeve design for kurti is quite quirky, elegant and stylish. With “puff” on the shoulders or towards the end of the length, you may find this type of sleeve design with a length varying from short to long. Give you a casual kurti look a boost with this super stylish Puff sleeve stitched ladies kurtis. 


16. Cuff Sleeves

Cuff Sleeves Design

A common sleeve design for formal kurtis and casual cotton kurtis. Cuff sleeves feature simple three fourth length with buttons on the end giving it a cuff style pattern. This old traditional kurti style is very popular in girls’ cotton kurtis that are worn at offices, formal occasions and casual gatherings. Add some frills with this latest sleeve design and swirl around with your stylish and designer kurti look. 


A good sleeve design can change your entire look. You may also change for better and dress like a fashionista by trying the aforementioned kurti sleeves style. So, don’t wait anymore. Hurry up before you miss the amazing designer kurti collection at Maaesa Clothing. New arrivals are waiting for you!

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