Kurti Neck Designs : Everything You Need To Know About Kurtis Neck Designs

Kurti Neck Designs : Everything You Need To Know About Kurtis Neck Designs

While tailoring kurtis we often go confused with necklines and end up with round or V-neck shapes or the few necklines that we know. But do you know there are various types of kurti neck designs that you may prefer to make your kurti design look more stylish and trendy. Here are the Top 20 latest Kurti neck designs of 2021 that are trending this season. So, read on and get ready to experiment with your Kurti look. 

20 Latest Neck Designs For Kurti 2021

Every neck design has a distinct quality and effect. Thus, choosing a perfect neckline for your Kurti is very significant to enhance your style statement. Find everything you need to know about different kurti neck designs and explore the new way of styling and accentuating your looks. Have a glimpse at the top 20 different kurti neck designs.

1. V-Neck Design

V-Neck Kurti Design

As evident from the name, V- neck design is in the shape of letter a V. This neckline varies from a simple V to a very deep sexy V neck design. This neckline gives your neck a long appearance and suits both large and small bust size women. If you want to add an inch of glamour to your kurti design, then V-neckline is the perfect choice. 

2. Boat Neck Design 

Boat Neck Kurti Design

This neckline exactly forms the shape like a boat. The boat neck design features a small cut that passes by the collarbones and taper towards the shoulders from front and back. It gives you an illusion of broad shoulders and goes well with a small bust. If you have a broad shoulder or broad chest or large bust, then you must avoid the kurti design that exhibits Boat neckline. 

3. Collared Neck Design

Collared Neck Kurti Design

Popularized by Bollywood movie, “Bunty and Babli”, the collared neck design is the latest trends of 2021 that are used in various types of kurti designs. This neckline is also known as Shirt collar due to its typical shirt spread collar and button down fastening. This neckline looks best on short kurtis and patiala or dhoti salwars. So, if you are looking for a unique and trendy neckline for your Kurti, go for it!

4. Halter Neck Design

Halter Neck Design

Halter neck design is one of the most sexy and attractive neck designs. It shows off the shoulders and goes back of your neck through a strap that is joined or stitched together with a hook and eye fastening. These neck designs are often sleeveless or halfway or even fully covered in some kurti designs. To accentuate your style statement, prefer tying up your hair and choosing strapless bandeau or transparent straps.

5. Cowl Neck Design

Cowl Neck Design Kurti

You might have seen Cowl neck design commonly in your woollen sweaters. This neckline supports a rounder fabric that is draped like a scarf around the neck. If you have a heavy chest or bust then the cowl neckline can help you to give you a balanced effect. Alternatively, for small busted women Cowl neckline is a blessing. It adds volume to their upper body and makes them look more beautiful. Try this unique neck design with any type of kurti look stylish and different!

6. Crew Neck Design

Crew Neck Design

If you love T-shirts then you would like this type of kurti neckline. Like T-shirts, it is very close to the neck and mostly embellished with some embroidery work or Kundan or other ornamental work. This beautiful neckline kurti gives your neck a long and slender look. To accentuate your style you may wear an Indo-western crew neckline Kurti and dupatta on one side to display your beautiful neck design.

7. Mandarin Neck Design

Mandarin Kurti Neck Design

Deriving its name from the mandarin bureaucrats’s uniform, Mandarin Collar is a short standup unfolded collar style that gives your kurtis a formal and stylish look. If you have a heavy bust, then you may get this neck design tailored on different types of kurtis to look flat or balanced.

8. Off- Shoulder Neck Design

Off- Shoulder Kurti Neck Design

As the name suggests, this neckline is a wide open neck design revealing the shoulders. This neck design was popularized in the 50s by starlet Brigitte Bardot and since then it is called the Bardot neckline. Although it suits every woman, it looks perfect on women having medium or average bust size. If you have a heavy bust or arms, you may use a stole or scarf or shawl to drape and make it look stylish and elegant.

9. Cold Shoulder Neck Design

Cold Shoulder Neck Design

Cold shoulder neck design is in trend. It has a complete neckline with cut outs over the shoulder portion. The neck design looks very stylish on different types of kurtis and gives a bold and stylish look to your outfit. 


10. Keyhole Neck Design

Keyhole Neck Design

Like a keyhole of the lock, this neck design also formed by crafting a similar keyhole pattern on kurtis and tops. It looks like a drop that is joined at the centre below your collar bones. The neckline makes your neck look tender and beautiful. You may use this popular and stylish design to elevate your looks.

11. Scoop Neck Design

Scoop Neck Design

Scoop neck is a deep ‘U’ shaped neckline with full curve and width. It looks best on the women with narrow shoulders and small bust. If you are a person with a short neck or long face or both, then this neck design will suit you the most. It gives a sleek look to your face and body and is very comfortable and elegant. 

12. Square Neck Design

Square Neck Design

The neck design forms a square shape which offers an elongated look to your neck and narrow appearance to your shoulders. A woman with a pear shaped body should prefer kurti with square neck design to have a balanced appearance.It is better to avoid it if you have a square shaped face. 

13. Sweetheart Neck Design

Sweetheart Neck Design

This is the most popular and frequently used neckline that forms the shape like a top of a heart. This type of kurti neck design offers an illusion of a curvaceous bust line and elongates your neck and torso. It suits every body type, so no matter what your body shape or size is, you may prefer it to look attractive and stylish. 

14. Round Neck design

Round Neck design

This is the most common neck design that is used in kurtis and tops. It forms a round circular shape with a flat collar resting close to or on the clavicle. This type of kurti neck design can be tailored to suit on every fabric. Round necklines soften the shape of your face and should not be worn by women with round faces as it makes their face look more round and wide. 

15. High Neck Design

High Neck Design

This kurti design is mostly tailored to suit the cold winter season. It is very stylish and comfortable and saves you from the cold chilling breezes of winter. It gives your neck an elongated look and thus suits best on the women having small necks. 

16. Shawl Neck Design

Shawl Neck Design

The Shawl neckline is a rolled collar or lapel shape that curves from the neck’s back to the front with a closure of single or double breasted fabric. It forms a V-neck outline and suits most women with a round face. 

17. Peter Pan Neck Design

Peter Pan Neck Design

Peter Pan collars and neck design are very trending nowadays. These flat collar with rounded edges neckline gives you a delicate and sleek look. It is more used in the Indo-western kurtis and looks best if women with minimal jewelry. 

18. Pentagon Neck Design

Pentagon Neck Design

Like its name, this neck design forms a Pentagon shape giving a flat look to your bust line. Thus, if you look petite or shift focus from your heavy bust, you should avoid Pentagon kurti neck design. 

19. Bertha Neck Design

Bertha Neck Design

This is a broad round collar worn with a low neckline. Basically, these necklines are crafted by laces. Some designers also used jute or khadis as base to create this Bertha neck design. It gives your kurtis a gown look and makes you like a princess in weddings and festivities. 

20. Wrap Neck Design

Wrap Neck Design

Popularly known as Angrakha neckline, this kurti neck design is quite popular among the girls. This neckline looks like a court outfit that is wrapped around the body with the help of doris tied at the sides. This kurti neck design is mainly used in Anarkali kurtis. Wrap neckline looks best on both heavy busts and small bust women. It looks extremely glamorous with churidars and cotton kurti pants for women.

Save Your Neck Design Style Guide

A right Kurti neck design may elevate your look and personality. It may enhance your feminine beauty and make you look more attractive and modish. So, bookmark this neck design guide and stay stylish and perfect always. If you are looking for Indian kurtis online with varied neck design, shop at Maaesa Clothing and find a perfect ensemble. Shop smart!

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