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We have trained our delivery partners for maintaining proper personal hygiene and sanitization. They are also aware of the social distancing norms set by the government, and also carry the official permission to operate delivery services. For your safety and convenience, we suggest you to use pre-paid delivery options so that our delivery partner can simply make a call and drop your packet at your doorstep or at your security booth. You do not need to sign for the receipt of your packet. They have also been instructed to refrain from shaking hands with customers and to maintain a safe distance of two meter from the customers at all times.



Every employee, working in the production unit or packaging unit, is asked to wear proper safety equipment when handling the merchandise. We ensure that every product is safely sealed in a tamper free package that can be easily sanitized at the surface without affecting the merchandise in the packaging. We have also provided a detailed list of mandatory procedures for our delivery partners, which are not only focused on their own health and safety, but also of our customers. For this, at the start and end of every route, our delivery partners have been trained to clean all frequently touched surfaces on their vehicle and the delivery bag. 



We are consistently focused on making the delivery process as seamless and risk free as possible for both the customers and our delivery partners. For this reason, we have increased the intensity and frequency of cleaning of our site, which includes regular sanitization of door handles, handrails, scanners, screens and other frequently touched areas. Not only our work stations are regularly cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis, we also ensure that all our employees maintain a safe distance at work. We have asked our delivery partners to wash their hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, before and after every delivery, or use an alcohol- based hand sanitizer.



We have mandatory health checkups that include temperature checks for all the employees working at our fulfillment centres, delivery stations and delivery operations. This is to make sure that all the employees, delivery partners, support staff and associates are healthy when they arrive at work daily. In this way, anyone exhibiting a temperature higher than 99.5F, will be asked to return home, stay indoors and come back to work after they have gone 3 days without fever and/or other symptoms. This way, we not only ensure the health of our workers but also the safety of our customers. We have requested our delivery partners to stay home if they feel sick or have a fever. They must ensure being free of fever for at least 3 days without using any fever-reducing medicine before they return to work. We encourage them to follow this norm by supporting them if they need time off.