Valentine Day Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Look Graceful

Valentine Day Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Look Graceful
Valentine’s day is the most awaited day of the year for all lovey dovey couples because it’s a day to do something special for your partners . But we ladies have some extra responsibility . Well, it is to look the best. Here we are providing some suggestions for all you beautiful ladies to make Valentine’s day 2021 your best one. We girls love to dress up and when it’s the matter of love , it acts like a cherry on top. The day of love is around the corner. So, why don’t we kickstart this year’s festival of love with a little bit of sass without the mess. It won’t be so easy, we need to buckle up our belts to decide Valentines day dress code. Well! Well! Well! I know you all beautiful girls and women have done PHDs in Valentine’s day dress colour . But wearing an outfit in red is not sufficient to do magic on your partners. Add some oomph factor to your red dress to level up your game . 

What should you wear on Valentine's day 2021 ?

What should you wear on Valentine's day 2021 ?

This year you have to walk that extra mile . Don’t worry ! You don’t have to do it alone , we will help you to find that perfect dress code that you were dreaming from so long. Here I am summarizing all the possible options for your important day:-

  • Cute Chic
  • Miss or Mrs elegant
  • Old School
  • The comfy affair
  • Stand out from the crowd 
  • Dazzle in a saree
  • Twinning stars
  • Sisters before misters

1. Cute Chic

Well the attire that never goes out of style on Valentine's day is a knee length bodycon or skater dress but of course in red colour because don’t forget the valentine’s day dress colour. You will look really cute in it . Also these two dresses will enhance your body features and curves.So, if you are really clueless about what to wear, just go for them without having a second thought.

2. Miss or Mrs Elegant

Now, this attire will surely require you to play your A game. As I think women love being called elegant but couldn’t manage to carry it effortlessly all the time. For this option, I would suggest you go for ‘ Bardot dress’ or a ‘Pencil dress’.

And if you are brave enough to don a ‘Ballroom dress’ trust me ,it will blow away the senses of your partner.

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3.Old School

It is not necessary that we only wear western attires on Valentines day 2021. We can also add touch of Indian culture to spice things up . You can without a doubt wear red anarkali kurtis, floor length kurtis that goes all the way down to your ankle, indo-western style kurtis. And you can also wear beautiful red straight kurtas like this one from Maaesa.

4. The comfy affair

Who doesn’t like comfort? This one is for all those who want to dazzle effortlessly.

Wear a cute Sweater dress or a Maxi dress and pair them with high heel boots and minor accessories like rings and hoops and you are good to go. You can also wear a t-shirt dress with a smart leather belt and pair it with sneakers or heels whatever you like, it will look flawless on the outside but comfy on the inside.

5. Stand out from the crowd 

As Coco Chanel said  “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” 

So, I would suggest you try something out of the box.Grace your valentine's day eve with a Mermaid dress and you will leave everyone awestruck. Mermaid dresses usually come in bright colour so it will be handy for you to find a red one. You can also try donning a Princess Silhouette Dress because that's what you all are, a ‘Princess’. *wink* *wink*

6. Dazzle in a saree

We 90s kids can’t ever forget Kajol and Shahrukh dance in the rain in the movie Kuch Kuch Hota hai. But the element that caught most girls' attention was that red saree. 

So, why don’t you recreate that iconic scene with your partners by donning a beautiful red saree on this valentine’s day. You can get various options online or in your local market and they all will look really beautiful.

Also if you want to stand out of the crowd , you can also wear something in Rajasthan’s beautiful block print ‘Chundari’. Yeah, it sounds cliche but a little experimenting doesn’t hurt anyone.

7. Twinning stars

You and your partner can join the club of lovey dovey couples and don twinning attires this valentines day 2021. There are many options available in matching t-shirts with quirky quotes in the market. You can don one of those or alternatively match your dress color with your partner’s blazer or with his tie and be extraordinary.

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8. Sisters before misters

This option I have specially added for all you beautiful single ladies. Who said girls dress up for boys ? Well girls dress up for themselves. I know you all agree with me and are nodding your heads right now. 

Not having a partner doesn’t mean you can’t have a lit Valentine’s day evening . Well Valentine’s day calls for a fun filled girls night out. Dress yourselves in whatever you want without worrying about what your partner thinks and make committed women jealous. Alternatively you can always follow valentine’s day dress code and have a dinner date with your sisters before misters. 

So, these are the possible valentine’s day  dress code options. Try one of these and be the diva you are. Thank us later ! Also share some suggestions from your side in the comments section. 

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